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Mor Pankh feather tickler

Mor Pankh feather tickler

  • Rs. 149.00

Tickling is actually a fetish in and of itself!

With experience over time, we have come to realize that no branded or expensive tickler would ever match the sensations created by a peacock feather...
hence we are offering this conventional tickler in our catalog!
Ticklish areas are different for everyone but popular areas are the neck/ears, underarms, the feet, back of the legs, stomach, testicles, inner thighs and breasts/chest area.
Tickling is part of sensory play which involves the heightening or removal of any/all of the senses for pleasure.
Feather ticklers work great with restraints, ice cubes, blindfold etc. because they add contrast to stimuli being received. Using a little creative ingenuity, feather ticklers can be used in all kinds of ways!!

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