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Why we do it?

As we said that we are sexual activists, here is why we think so:

  1. You have had the highest population growth in the past century. Isn't that good enough reason to believe that India loves to have sex. We are just trying to help you do it in STYLE!
  2. We have one of the youngest population in the world. And what do young people do? Yes, they have sex
  3. We have a growing middle class. What do middle class do differently? They spend more on lifestyle products as income levels go up. What is lifestyle without an awesome sex life?

Those were the commercials, now about the actual reason:

  1. You too have a right to have an awesome sex life (read: Leave us out of all this “Sex is a taboo” thingy)
  2. We respect the intimacy of relationships and the art of seduction can increase the beauty of love manifold
  3. India is a culturally rich nation and our culture among many things did teach us something about sex (read : Kamasutra)
  4. Your partner is as awesome( actually much better when you discover) as your neighbors, just give it a try in a different way
  5. We do not propose to take it to the streets to support sex but we should sure respect and enjoy it in the hides of our bedrooms
  6. We do believe that increasing sex crime (not just the infamous rape cases but all reported and unreported instances of demand of sexual favors at work place, abuse of children by their relatives/parents/neighbors/strangers, cheating on one’s partner)in the country has something to do with dissatisfaction at home and hence the accumulated frustration (we are not saying this is the only reason)

We don’t think that we alone will move mountains but imagine if we all thought and felt the same way and started respecting/enjoying our relationships at home and started being happy instead of being hypocrite.





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