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How we do it?


As of now we procure our offerings from various manufacturers/suppliers after stringent check. Our business partners/associates are evaluated on one or more of the following parameters:

  1. Quality standards observed – should be in compliance with the laws of the country but also tested by a third party if required
  2. Possible patent violation
  3. Brand standing
  4. Moral Values and culture of the organization. This would encapsulate a whole gamete of things like non-discriminatory employment practices, fair trade dealings, ethical conduct of the promoters and more. This exercise is important to us because we believe that an ethically conducted business will promote positive environment and energies and that will flow into the beauty of the product

Services – Interior Designing and Designer wear

We have an in-house team of designers who would work on our artwork (yes, that’s what we call it) along with you. Your imagination will be the guiding force in shaping the exact artwork for you, be it your Italian Jacuzzi fitted walk-in bathroom or your dream fantasy bedroom or that perfect dress that you wanted to wear but could not explain to your designer how it will look.

How are we so confident that we will nail it?

One of our founding member is an interior designer who has worked for a premium 5 star hotel chain and exactly knows what luxury and elegance mean.

Another founding member is a fashion designer who has the knack of making artworks from the most abstract ideas. He seems mostly lost but it all seems justified when he comes up with the masterpiece.




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