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Who we are?

We are a bunch of sexual activists (that’s what we like to call ourselves) who have accumulated great sexual experience at young age (yes, we are shameless about it) among other professional experiences which range from financial and legal services, fashion designing, Strategic consultancy, interior designing to customer service consultancy. When we got together over a beer on one of the rare occasions (read busy corporate bugs), we discovered that one thing that we all share in common is our passion for the other side of the world (read women). I know that's quite a cliche but we were drunk (give me a break, man!). So, we reached a conclusion that we all have loved and lived sex more than our cumulative love for anything else in the world. After a few months, CleoNova was born :)

We are people of simple taste and so is our ideology!


To be the highest contributing company to the Gross National Happiness of the country


To create more and more fulfilling experiences for our customers each time


We aim to provide the best Quality to our customers consistently thus creating an enriching customer experience every single time




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