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Ylang Ylang infused Aphrodisia massage candle 45g

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Surrender to the irresistible scent of this aroma cum massage candle. Then, using the warm, spa-quality natural oils, indulge your partner with an intimate massage leaving them kissably soft and good enough to eat! Massage candles are made of natural soya wax which burns at body temperature and transforms into moisturizing massage oil on burning.

Directions of Use:

  • Light up the candle and let it burn for 10-15 minutes to release aroma in the air which is both relaxing and arousing at the same time
  • Pour the melted oil on your partners body directly and massage gently into the skin
  • This one is kissable and delicious. Won’t you taste it? ;)

NOTE: As a safe practice, always pour oil on a non-sensitive part of the body like on forearm to check your partners comfort before pouring onto sensitive parts

Made from natural soy and adorned with hemp wicks for a body and environmentally friendly massage candle. Provides soft, ambient light. Provocative fragrances are pleasing to the senses. As candle burns; it liquefies into warm moisturizing oil to enrich skin and enhance any loving touch or body massage. Soy candles burn cooler and cleaner than wax. Will not burn skin as soy oil melts to only two degrees above normal body temperature. Leaves no candle wax or residue. Clean up using hot water and soap. Designed for all skin types. 


Different possible uses:

Once you’ve tried these unique candles, you’ll be amazed by all the ways you find to use them every day:

  • Move seamlessly from a romantic dinner to a more intimate romantic encounter. Using the melted wax as a massage oil means eliminates the “cringe factor” of having half a bottle of cold massage lotion dumped on your back.
  • Pamper yourself by taking a candle-lit bath and then use the melted wax to give yourself a sensual foot massage or to soften dry heels and elbows.
  • Put an unlit candle, with the lid off, in a dresser drawer to infuse lingerie with sensual fragrance.
  • Freshen the air even when you aren’t burning the candle. Simply leave the lid off to make a whole room smell great!

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