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PEINEILI delay spray for men, Bestseller in USA

PEINEILI delay spray for men, Bestseller in USA

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There are few things in life that shouldn't be time bound and good sex is definitely one of those. Sometimes due to stress, lack of stimulation, fatigue and erectile dysfunction, a man cannot keep himself stimulated for too long. That is where the Marathon spray by peineili comes in handy. Formulated with special ingredients, this cream will help keep you firm for longer, thus helping both your partner and you enjoy sex better.

Does not create any numbing effect or reduce pleasure.

Usage: Spray the penis 30 minutes before sex. Do not spray the urethral opening. Effect lasts for 60 minutes.

Wash with warm water. It is water soluble. 

 Main ingredients: water, cnidium extract, clove extract, zixiao flower extract, cinnamon extract

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