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High On Love

  • Rs. 2,699.00

Are you madly and deeply in love with your partner and want to explore everything with them?

Well, we can give you a good start. 

From Romantic bath to aromatic play to naughty games, do it all... at once!

Slip into shower with your partner playing with heart-shaped aphrodisiac soaps. Massage your partner or get a massage using the premium massage lotion. It will not only sooth the senses but put you and your in a mood as it is infused with pheromones and aphrodisiac. Now, its painting time. Use chocolate flavored, aphrodisiac and pheromone infused body paint to make your Mona Lisa. Roll the dice and fulfill the wish of the gamble gods. If this is too much for you to handle, we got condoms for you!

Box includes:

1. DONA Massage Lotion - With Pheromone and Aphrodisiac

2. Heart Shaped Scented Herbal Soap, 1 Piece

3. Edible Chocolate Body Paint With Brush

4. Erotic Pair Of Dice

5. Durex Condoms, 10 Pieces

6. Small Surprise Gift

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