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You can’t gift dinner set for your friend’s wedding who helped you buy your first condom!

Posted by Anshul Garg on

I just googled “wedding gift for best friend India”  and top results shocked the shit out of me. I mean suggestions include wall clock, dinner set and gift voucher for flipkart. I wonder how did “Shagun”(money) in an envelope missed the list of such innovative gifting ideas.. Some of us do get innovative and get the couple personalized gifts with pictures and quotes on glasses, t-shirts, pillow covers or anything that can be printed on.. this is kinda cool but that is more on the aaawwwww side of it… what about the wow or the wohooo side of it??


On digging deeper, the final impression I am able to form is that every groom has a friend or a bunch of friends who gift him a basket of condoms.. a lot of them but ideally that’s it… or clubbed with some aaawwww goodies.. And every bride is gifted a nice piece of lingerie or make-up.. again complemented with aaawww goodies… all seems fair and nice?

Now this is where it all gets tricky.. what would you want to gift a friend whom you helped buy his first condom?? or for ladies, the one friend with whom you had long discussion about affairs and all kind of things..What I mean to say is the person is not just another friend.. you guys have shared a bond.. this is the person whose happiness actually makes you happy.. you might have a tear in your eye knowing that your relation will have to make way for the new life they are starting and you want to do that.. and the worst part, he/she is looking forward to your gift… because it matters to them and they expect it to be different, to be special…



I was in the same fix when sahil got married..Read here to know my bad experience at getting him an intimate gift and how they did not like it ! I could not bear the pain of having to gift him some dinner set that he will lock in a cupboard and never see again or worse gift away at the first opportunity..

So.. we came up with the solution.. we made CleoNova Honeymoon Box….whats that??

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Its a fantasy box specially designed for honeymoon… it has pleasure products with a number of sexual scenarios to be enjoyed by the couple on their honeymoon.. now, what will your friend remember for the rest of their lives? Honeymoon… and who made that special… oh yeah that’s you baby…!

By the way, how about a little honeymoon fantasy of your own? wink wink..


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