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The Orlando massacre actually reflects how hypocrite humans are!

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

It’s been weeks since Cleonova launched its ‘Respect sexuality’and “Stop Being Hypocrite” campaigns aimed at appealing people to stop being hypocrite about sexuality. The very main objective of this was that we wanted people to know about the hypocrisy that existed in the society which needs to go away. We always blame and think that Indians are narrow-minded when it comes to someone’s sexuality, whereas, the foreign culture supports and respects free will and sexuality of a person.

This thought was met with shock when we came to know about what happened in Orlando. This is what happened in the heart of Orlando – Pulse, which is known as the hottest gay bar in this city, was hosting a number of party lovers for its ‘Latin flavor’ event on Saturday night. People were having a good time and swayed themselves on the latest tunes. After a couple of hours, the melodious sound was replaced by loud and continuous gun firings. It was a guy named Omar Mir Seddique Mateen who shot down 49 people, wounding around 53 others.

This incident is the worst and deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in US history, also the deadliest incident against the LGBT community. A noticeable point in Mateen’s acquired information is that he had passed a psychological test and had no criminal record. A former coworker described him as “unhinged and unstable” and said “he had often talked about killing people and had voiced hatred of gays, blacks, women and Jews”.

A quote posted by Cleonova few weeks ago as part of respect sexuality campaign


There may be other reasons for this incident or maybe, not. But the above sentence is not something to neglect. It happens very often that people from LGBT community are targeted for their sexuality and cruelty in its cruelest form is inflicted upon them. We talk about a country like India, where people are yet not used to this culture and have never opened up much and supported it. But when such massive incident occurs in a country like United States, which is quite open and realistic about one’s sexuality, it really makes one wonder. What actually makes a proper male or a female? What exactly accounts for a proper human? Does being homosexual make you someone really different than a normal human? Is it so unjust or so not ethical to be one?

From being made fun of, to being raped and ragged, to being killed. These people have always suffered a lot. Also, one is no longer a part of his/her community and no more has a family. Lucky are the ones who have people in their life who can accept their sexuality without any judging or hatred. In fact, how many of us have actually never laughed at a gay? Or at a lesbian? How many of us were just as cool as they are, about their sexuality? Didn’t we always used to tease two boys who were always found together, as the ‘gay couple’?

It’s just so easy to sit behind and judge people who are not something which everyone is. Is it hard to feel how it is to be banished by everyone and being blamed for something which no one can control? We all knew how badly the LGBT community was treated. But we now also know how far hatred can go…how it can make people do cruel things to other innocents.

They’ve already faced a lot, seen a lot. Why make it much more difficult for them with our biased hypocrisy? Why not accept a person’s sexuality and sexual orientation? Orlando shootout will definitely be remembered as the worst of them all. Human lives savaged simply for having a different sexual orientation is something to worry about.  

Cleonova’s deep and hearty condolences to the families of all who lost their lives during this incident, only because they were a bit different from the others!

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