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The need to enjoy sex!

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

We all want to lead a happy and joyful life. We invest in various brands, products and other materialistic things that make us happy and can benefit us in some way or the other.  Humans want to be best and happy in whatever they do. Then how come they forget such an integral part of their lives? How can they ignore the very precious thing we have in our lives? HOW CAN WE IGNORE OUR SEXLIFE AND NOT ENJOY IT?

Out of the many things that distinguish human from other animals on this planet, sex is one of them. Other organisms mainly have sexual intercourse only for the sake of reproduction. Unlike humans, who most of the times have sex only for pleasure. But with our changing and stressful lifestyles, we have all forgot the real magic sex can play on our lives. Nowadays many couples have sex only because it seems more of a compulsion in married life. No one really cares about the opposite partner’s satisfaction( Mostly, in female cases) which is why the unsatisfied one is not interested and also the other partner does not pay enough attention.

This is a sad yet true reality where people don’t realize how messed up their lives are. We all know sex has various mental benefits apart from numerous health benefits as well. Still, after a certain period, people forget how pleasurable it can be and used to be! Sex can also solve major relationship problems where the couple has lost their charming bond. Sex connects both the partners not only physically, but also mentally which is much deeper and long-lasting.

We all keep thinking about how many times a week, a month one needs to have sex. Have we ever thought about how often we have sex without any feelings, without any fun, enjoyment, engagement? Maybe we’re so busy finding happiness that we forget the roots where true joy and happiness lies.

Also, our society is so hypocrite about people who think sex needs to be enjoyed (and yes, it needs to) that people who actually enjoy sex are termed as shameless and one having no respect. Why do we not accept the fact that sex is our need and also it does need to be enjoyed?                    

Imagine how good you’ll feel right after some hot-as-hell sex, where you did what you wanted to. You enjoyed. Then you felt great. This all had to do with the right kind of approach towards sex. We all know about husbands who come home after tiring office hours and sleeping straight to bed. We also know about this situation where sex just becomes an act. An act performed for the sake of doing it. Why don’t we actually rise up and take the initiative to enjoy ourselves and feel the pleasure that nature has gifted us with?

Sex is a beautiful thing. Enjoy it and care about it. It can be your precious life-saver!

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    deva biswas on
  • I have believed in this thought and I am blessed to have a husband who does too.. I am a proud mother of 2 and in my 40s now but we still find time for ourselves. We take 2 holidays in a year – one with kids and one for us. We get intimate more often then most couples can dream of at this age. I have seen a lot of couples who just so absorbed/obsessed about their children that they forget to cherish and nurture their our relationship. Don’t dare judge us, we are good parents but we still love one another and our kids are not the only reason keeping us together. I hope that more people realize this fact..

    Parul on

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