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Surprise bhi kuch cheez hai Yaroon!

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Since the time we launched CleoNova Fantasy Box, a lot of you have been asking us to give away more details about the products in the box and share some pictures of the products…tell more about the scenarios in the role cards… In this post I will answer these questions.

Let me first explain that we are riding a higher risk by not sharing the photographs of products that we send. Why? Because we stand a higher chance to disappoint a potential loyal customer. But still we insist on doing this.. for you.. yes, it is for you that we do not share the product photographs and ruin the element of surprise. 

Having served hundreds of customers who keep coming back, we are sure that we are doing things that make you happy.. they trust us, they know that even if we don’t show you the product, it is going to be the best quality possible.. they know that we will never do anything to cheat them or worthy of their contempt… we exist because of you and will do nothing to loose your trust..

Surprise your senses with honeymoon fantasy sexual desires erotic box


It is basic human psyche that surprise brings us pleasure.  Studies have shown that when people are bored in their relationship they become less attracted to each other. Adding the element of surprise can rekindle the lost spark. Likewise getting a box that you have seen in pictures will bring little joy as against looking at something for the very first time..

Now just imagine the scenario where we told you that you will open the box, it will have these things, do this this this with the products and that’s it. This would be the worst thing we could do to you…

Einstein said Imagination is a much bigger thing in the world then knowledge. Knowledge will only take you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere.. We want you to be spontaneous, to be you not us.. you know your relationship much better than we will ever know.. so, use CleoNova Fantasy Box as a guideline to create new experiences. End of the day, it is you who will life the moment and have fun with your partner…

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  • My Friends got divorced recently. I wish I had come across this earlier, it would have surely renewed their love.
    This fantasy series advocates passionate love making to me!

    Tina Taneja on

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