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Masturbation and Marriage – This fact is shocking!

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

Single life is supposed to be the “masturbation life”. If you don’t have a partner, you usually opt for masturbation. Once you’re married, this masturbation phase ends as you now have a partner for satisfying all your sexual needs. That’s how people think it works.

And that is how it should be, right? But it would indeed be shocking to learn that according to a survey, 87% married men and 77%married women admitted to masturbating. In India, it is a truth which is well hidden behind the doors.

In a “Conservative Indian Society” (yeah, this is something worth putting in quotes), masturbation is not something one can talk about openly or freely admit doing it. Men have however, been active masturbators. But little did we know that females too are at par with men. Women masturbate can be digested but masturbating after marriage still sounds weird, doesn’t it? I mean, where is the need for solo-play (while fascinating) when you’ve got the real thing by your side.

According to a survey, it was found that of the 1,040 (647) men who replied, 87% (84%) said they had masturbated in the last three months. All of them were married. What’s more, most of their partners were unaware about it. A lot of reasons contribute to this act being treated a hush-hush matter. Many of them simply choose this option since their partner do not co-operate or cannot satisfy them. For some, it’s simple a thing to enjoy, which is more of a habit. Men do it when they’re not with their partner, or are watching porn or maybe when they just feel stressed out.

We, by now, know that married men do masturbate. But what many don’t know is, married women do that too. Of the 381 (136) women who replied, 77% (65%) said they had masturbated in the last three months. The reason being the same as their partners’

It forces us to think that what lacks in a married life that people are compelled to masturbate? What actually trips us off is that most of them hide this fact from their spouse. It means they are ashamed of the act or they are sure that their partner would not approve of it. Masturbation is a secondary act that can sometimes cause major issues amongst married couples. From trust issues to satisfaction problems, it can create quite a mess.

Though masturbation in itself is not the issue, keeping it a secret from your partner can be. This is further accelerated by lack of communication amongst couples. We at Cleonova strongly believe that communication forms the backbone of a long and happy sex life and more so for the entire relationship. We recommend that you open upto your partner and discuss everything that causes you dissatisfaction. When there is involvement from both the sides, there is happiness and satisfaction in the relation. So go ahead and do what’s correct!

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