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Does she insist on having sex with lights off? Then find out more and make things easier.

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

It is said that no view is as beautiful and mesmerizing than seeing your lady love getting all naked in front of you. It is surely a moment to remember for a lifetime when she is finally all out of her clothes! After this, what else can a guy ask for (apart from some steamy hot sex)? But imagine one day she finally agrees to show herself to you, make love to you but when you get to know this all is going to be in the darkness, what would be your reaction?

A lot of males often complain about their partner not letting them switch on the lights while having sex. This is an age old topic which is not new to us. It is seen that generally it is the female who wants the lights to be off. Many a times, he ends up thinking that she simply does not like the light to interfere. But there’s more to it. It’s not all the time that people hate the light. They generally hate the darkness and do want some brightness into their lives. Read on to find out what makes her love the darkness…

We live in a time where people are so self-conscious that they fear being judged and do not want to open up easily. Women form the majority of this self-conscious lot. She most probably fears that you might not like her the way she is. She fears of imperfections and has a lot of insecurities relating to her body. What if you don’t like her? What if you don’t find her sexy? Even if you like her or do find sexy, she may still not be able to get it. Or maybe it’s just that she doesn’t want you to explore her unexplored parts which she thinks are not that great! Or she doesn’t want you to look too close into it because it’s unattractive or she’s shy.

There can also be some cases where your room lights can actually be the dead end. Sometimes, the lights can be too bright which makes you feel uncomfortable and also hurt your eye. This can be avoided by switching to lights that have medium coverage and are not too bright. Having sex during natural daylight solves this issue.

Having sex in darkness can also be due to trust issues. If she doesn’t trust you enough to open herself in front of you, make her believe you’re worth it and win her heart. There are a few things that both a man and a woman can do to make all this much easier:

For her: Be confident about yourself. Unless you’re not confident and proud about your body, how will someone else be confident enough to have it? You’re beautiful, keep repeating this to yourself, because you are! He loves you a lot. He finds you hot, sexy and also drools over your body. That is why he chose you, that is why he wants to see how beautiful you are inside. It’s just your insecurities and baseless assumptions which make you think you’re not pretty when naked. But trust me, YOU ARE! So go on and show him what you’ve got! Don’t shy away from him. After all, even you are seeing him the way he is seeing you.

For him: Guys, if it’s the bad lightings, then throw them away and replace with some good ones. If that’s not the case, then make her feel comfortable with you. Make her trust you and feel free to expose her in front of you. Admire her body, tell her how amazing it is when her clothes are off. You can use sentences like: “Hey, you’ve got an amazing body and I feel lucky to be with it”, “Your body is beautiful and so are you”. Compliment her often about her body so that all the shyness and insecurities run away. Tell your love how her body turns you on and makes you high!

For both: It may be uneasy for her first, but it comes with time. In the beginning, don’t light up all of a sudden. Use dim lights in the beginning, then candles, lamps and so on. Eventually, all of it would be perfect!

So, while we targeted the main female population that insists on having sex with lights on, did you know that even men have a lot of insecurities related to their body? Even they’re worried about how their partner likes their body and appearance and wish to have sex with lights off in order to hide their flaws (even they don’t really have any). The same thing goes here as well. Both of them need to remind each other and compliment about how great your bodies are! The problem is almost solved there. You will surely see this working J

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