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Everything You Need To Know About Lubricants

Posted by Anshul Garg on

Your skin absorbs over 60% of what you put on it. So if you're careful about what you eat, why shouldn't you be careful about what you put on your skin?

Lubrication is really important for safe, comfortable sex and masturbation. It eases penetration, making vaginal and anal sex more comfortable for men and women - and for circumcised men, a personal lubricant is often necessary to help prevent friction.

The vagina lubricates itself when you're aroused, but sometimes it doesn't happen. Stress, tiredness, diet and menopause can all have an impact on your body's natural lubrication - which is where a bottled lube comes in handy.

People who use lubricant have better sex. It eases penetration and makes playing, so much more enjoyable. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to make every sexual experience you have smoother and more pleasurable.

Even if you feel that your body is doing a great job without any assistance, you might be missing out on reams of extra pleasure without knowing it - over 70% of women find sexual experiences more satisfying with lube.

Whether you just want a water-based lube or if you're feeling more experimental and keen to try other types such as flavored lube or silicone lube, we will help you find the perfect sexual enhancement for any occasion. 

Which is the best lube?

Once you know what you want to use your lube for, scroll through Cleonova's top lube suggestions for the best all-rounder, as well as the best lubes for new sensations and experiences.

Water-Based Lube: Best All-Rounder

If you buy only one lube, make it a water-based lube such as JO H2O. It has a light, natural feel which is perfect for sex.

Water-based lubes won't stain your bedsheets, mess with your barrier contraception or - and this is of great importance - warp the surface of your faithful vibrator.

The only downside with water-based lubes is that you may need to use quite a lot during prolonged sessions as it can dry out easily and be absorbed into the skin.

Silicone Lube: Best Long-Lasting Lube

Silicone-based lubes like HOT Silc glide give us the best of both worlds: the highly-arousing, slick feel of oil plus the safety-first advantages of water-based lube.

Silicone lube is generally more expensive, but the long-lasting properties mean you won’t need to keep topping up your lubrication and you’ll probably need less of it too. Silicone lube is even waterproof, making slippery sex in the shower or bath a possibility.

Silicone will not harm condoms, but one note of caution: do not use silicone lube with silicone sex toys.

Flavoured Lube : Best for Oral Sex

Wonderful for oral sex, flavoured lube makes foreplay great fun and tasty, too. Our best-selling flavoured lubricants come in lots of fruity and refreshing flavours. We love the new JO range of flavoured lubes as they don't contain any glycerin or parabens that can meddle with vaginal health. The delicious flavours include Raspberry, Chocolate,  strawberry,cherry, Bubblegum, Green apple and Vanilla cream. Yum!

Flavoured lubricants are equally as suitable for penetrative sex, so a blowjob, cunnilingus or analingus doesn't have to be the main agenda when using these delicious treats.

Warming and Cooling Lube: Best for New Sensation

Fast becoming a must-have in every bedside cabinet, warming and cooling lubes like Pjur my glide for women and Pjur Superhero for men are a fun and easy way to spice up your sex life. They're water-based lubes that contain special ingredients that feel warm or cool on the skin - and react when you start rubbing or blowing. There are a variety of stimulating lubricants and gels available, designed to stimulate, increase desire and introduce women to intense orgasms.

Designed for both solo play or as an accessory for better sex with your partner, stimulating lubes are designed to add a little extra orgasmic zing to your sex life.

Hybrid Lubes: Water and silicone mixed formula

Hybrid lubes like ID Silk bring to you the best of both worlds. They are a blended formula with the silky texture of silicone lubes but washes off easily like water based lubes.

Organic Lube: Best for Indulgence

An increasingly popular choice for those concerned with the environment and sensitivity, organic lubes are often fortified with beneficial ingredients and soothing botanical extracts. Using plant-based cellulose for thickness, these lubes are safe to use and ideal for those investing in a healthy lifestyle and clear conscience.

All Yes Organic lubes meet the Soil Association Organic Standard, are Vegetarian Society approved and made from all-natural ingredients, with oil-based or water-based lubes available from the range.

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