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9 Tips to make a Night

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Having the right ambiance can be as important as the mood to make that perfect night. "Cleo" gives these small tips that you can use to squeeze maximum out of each experience:

  1. Wax regularly or specially for that occasion. Trust me, men might be fond of hair but not on your body
  2. Use good quantity body butter. You will see that It pays off especially when your lover can’t get enough of your soft and supple skin
  3. Try to use a different perfume or fragrance other than your regular one. It will induce interest. Using an erotic cologne is sure to strike a chord
  4. Having the right temperature in the room is important. Ideal temperature that body likes and feels relaxed in varies between 20-25 C
  5. If you want to give the night its due importance then you can light up few scented candles to create the ambiance in the room. Incense/air freshener will also do fine. Make sure you place candles at safe places, away from combustible substances
  6. Make sure you brush your teeth or use a mouth rinse before the act. Bad breath can be as bad as having a cold for the mood. Keeping a mouth freshening spray/gum in the bedside table can be handy
  7. Some nice romantic music in the background will only add to the charm of the moment. Single instruments or soft ballads make a good choice. Try Mozart, Beethoven or chopin, these are few classics which never fail
  8. A bottle of red wine at room temperature along with strawberries can help lighten up the air before the storm. Any other drink that you both enjoy will also do.
  9. Last but not the least, dress up in the sexiest dress you own. Also do not forget to put on beautiful lingerie. It really matters to a man what he sees.

Always remember that Participation is the key to the success of entire show. Give it all you have got and the result is sure to surprise you.

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