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9 Tips to get naughty in monsoons!

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

Come on, its monsoon!

It has finally started pouring down and so one can mark this as the onset on monsoons. People usually like rain and wait for it entire year. After the scotching heat and melting summer, this is obviously something to look forward to!

Monsoon is that time of the year when love is in the air, sky is clear and beautiful, children are gay with joy and samosas are the healthiest snack (They do give you joy and happiness is healthy, ain't it?:p) So, I would like to give a Romance alert here and now because monsoon does something to me, it gives me tingles in the belly and I tend to get naughty and adventurous! 

The feel of rain itself creates a beautiful sensation. The weather too becomes vibrant and mesmerizing. You start getting those feel-good-vibes. Rains are hence much anticipated. The simple and unique joys of life are hidden behind this small secret that couples use during rainy season, to enjoy with their love.

Rainy season is the best season for couples in love. Ever wondered why? We have all seen couples enjoying to their fullest during such times. Whether it is dancing in rains, getting romantic with your partner, going on long rides or enjoying movies in the comfort of your own company, monsoon is loved by many. So why not shift from the normal regime, and try out something kinky in the rain? ;) 

 Here are some great tips that will surely be helpful for you and your partner during these monsoons: You can say thank-you later!

Cuddle up the whole day: A day off from office would be great to be all in arms with your loved one. Cuddle up in a cozy blanket and share some amazing moments and warm gestures. This would be a great way to heat up during the windy climate. Snuggle! Snuggle! Snuggle!

Kisses and touches all-over: Exchange a kiss or two while you’re with your partner. Smooth and gentle kisses..all the rain. Simply amazing. Most of us anyways do it all the time. Couples swear by this. Passionate touches and kisses will win the hearts this rainy season.

Try out rain-sex: We’ve heard about pool sex, shower sex and sex in the waters. How about sex in the rains? Sounds amazing just as it would be. This would definitely make it to your list of memorable sex experiences. You can try out the terrace or find a secluded place where no one would disturb your privacy and enjoy this highly recommended experience.

Play indoor fantasy-games: In a mood to play something? But rains don’t let you? Then you have already been introduced to Cleonova’s game set, play cards and much more that would help you to enjoy the view outdoors as well as indoors. You’ll never get bored and find it more interesting.

Chocolate love: We all love to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or even a bar when it’s raining. Why not indulge into some kinky chocolate fun? You already know that…the previous article did mention what all amazing stuff can be done with chocolate. Do I need to tell you again? Obviously not

Long drives and heating up in the car: Long drives to different places with your partner can be a good way of refreshing yourself. Also, having sex in the car is a brilliant idea. Find a far and distant place and get wet in the car ( Now you know what we’re talking about :p )

Watching a romantic movie and staying curled up together: You can simply watch some good hot movie which can make the whether much more high. This is also one of the good ways of getting turned on.

Get those shower scenes on: It might be raining heavily but we all like to heat up in the shower during such cold times. So get your partner along in the shower. Rain and hot showers are so cool!

These tips are surely a deviation from the normal and boring things. It’s rainy season so couples can make the most of it and utilize it in a smart and sexy manner! Go out, enjoy the rains. Steam up with your partner and keep on exploring. And again, you can say thank-you later!



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