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Do you love chocolates? Then here’s some good news for you!

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

Which one thing makes infants to adults drooling over it? Chocolate, of course! You won’t meet many people who dislike chocolate. Couples have it on top of their list. The taste and aroma itself makes a chocolate so compelling, that it’s hard to resist!


However, chocolates nowadays are not only limited for eating purpose. They have been commercialized to a large extent. Apart from that, chocolates have constantly been in news for health, beauty and innumerable benefits they can attach to it. Various experiments and researches have been carried out to test the components and their benefits and disadvantages. Apart from chocolate massage and facials, chocolate has entered in many other sectors.

Good news that you would be delighted to hear is, that EATING CHOCOLATE INCREASES SEX DRIVE! You might think this is some baseless thought or assumption. But read on to find out how actually it has been proven (God Promise)! According to a study reported in Journal of Sexual Medicine, female participants who consumed at least one cube of chocolate a day experienced greater sexual drive and performed better than those who didn’t. All of this has a scientific explanation to it. The sweet compound in chocolate contains Phenyl ethylamine (PEA) which releases mood-altering chemicals. Then there is chocolate's seductive mouth feel, the result of cocoa butter, which melts at close to body temperature. Also, chocolate contains theobromine, caffeine and anandamide that add to its appeal.




This intensifies sexual feelings within both the partners. It helps in increasing libido and enhances the whole experience. This intense pleasure makes things more happening and wild. So it’s time that we move to a next level with our partner and indulge in some passionate Chocolate-Romance or we might call it “ChocoRom

Playing with chocolate sounds funny but there’s much more to it. Ever thought how wonderful it can turn out to be? Here are tips that might be handy when next time you’re planning to play around with chocolates:

Edible fun: This one is the most basic one. The one where it all starts. Being playful and kissing your partner while eating chocolates has been doing the round since a long time. From his lips to hers and from hers to his. This is the plain vanilla way of chocolate love.Play with the paint: Heard about chocolate paint? Imagine your partner covered up all with it and you trying to lick it all away. It is as fun to do just as it sounds. This can actually become one of your memorable experiences.

    Did you know?

    Some Edible Chocolate paints are induced with Aphrodisiac and Pheromones which

    are natural arousal agents in our body. So, play will be more passionate


    Eat up her lingerie: Sounds idiotic? Weird? But wouldn’t any longer, after you see this candy bra and candy g-string which is so cute. The sweet surprise that you would get after seeing your partner wear this cute little thing would be something to remember!

    Chocolate lubes: You read that right. Chocolates flavored lubes can make things easier and tastier! Try them out instead of those boring lubes that you use daily.

    Number and guess games: How about drawing and painting favorite numbers, letters and symbols on your partner? It would also produce this tingly sensation which would make it even sexier! 

    If you are sure about your chocolate and respect it enough then you have to try Cleonova's MAD OVER CHOCOLATE fun box. Indulge in "ChocoRom" like crazy.

    OR Create on your own: Why always refer the internet for all of these? You can try some of your own, too. Your mind is definitely a hub for some great kinky ideas. So go and explore! The boundaries are non-existent and limitless. You can be as sweet as you want to be(: p) .This concept introduces freshness and spice (rather sweet) in your life that you’d never want to lose!

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