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Want to see your partner getting sexy? Well, dressing up sexy might help!

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

Imagine a husband coming home every evening after the tiresome office work and then getting straight into the bed to sleep. How not-so-good is that, right? No time to have sex, no interest either! What if one fine day he comes home and finds his wife looking ravishing and hot(unlike the daily all-skin covered up woman) in a cute little baby doll sitting on the bed waiting for him. Now, who would even think of sleep or even have any other thought besides her? Let’s go the other way round and assume the wife going nuts due to the daily household chores and having nothing great to do. And to that if she is a working women, no way! What if she is surprised by her husband who returns home and is now wearing a sexy lacy brief? To both their surprise, she likes him this way more than in any other!



By the way, the above scenario depicts something which can prove to be a booster in every sex life. It’s all about dressing up sexy for your partner! Yes, it does improve the whole experience and what’s more, you both would love it. We may still stop to think that how does this really help? How does the attire get involved in the sexual act? Well, it’s not about getting involved in the act but it certainly does make it more interesting.

Ever thought why people love watching those girls dressed up as nurses, student, police, santa etc. in porn more than enjoying themselves in real life? Ever wondered why men love watching someone strip-teasing in those clubs? Why not get this virtual experience in real life and make it spicier? The point being we all need new and different experiences in life. We all do have fantasies which go unfulfilled, some being too kinky for others to understand (Laugh!).

Dressing sexy also has a lot to do with science; more than you would imagine. As we all know ”A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, watching your loved one looking all differently beautiful increases libido and if this is done with an element of surprise then it is sure to get the hormones racing.

It’s amazing to watch your partner getting all kinky and different for you, just to make you more excited. Isn’t that great? This does not only make you sexier, but would also make you confident and feel good about your body. And your better-half is just going to love it. You can choose any theme or costume according to your wish. You may dress up simply in a hot and sizzling baby doll dress or sexy lingerie or indulge in role play wherein you can dress up in any desirable character according to your choice.

Seeing your partner in almost the same avatar each and every day makes things so repetitive. Now this is something so sexy that your partner will almost start drooling at you! That is how mouth-watering your outfit would make you look when you dress up the right way. Getting your husband to cook his signature "Kaali Mirch Chicken" or your wife to give you a nice weekend massage was never so easy.

Sometimes, as you make your first move towards this direction, one might get nervous about the whole thing and struggle with confidence which is totally okay. Your partner is anyways going to love the idea itself of you dressing up so different. So go ahead, and dress up the right way!

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