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@cleonova_in #GoodIdea Contest on twitter!

Posted by Cleo . on

The contest is simple.

  • Be creative and think of all the good ideas that you would like to share with the world. What's more is that you stand a chance to win Cleonova's "HIGH TO LOVE" Fun Packet  while you are having all the fun reading and sharing creative, funny, romantic, healthy, cultural, political (good, is it?) ideas. 


1. Start the tweet with "@cleonova_in", so that we know you are participating in the contest

2. Use Hashtag #goodidea anywhere in the tweet

3. Follow @cleonova_in

4. Retweet "Cleonova_in" posts

4. Write about anything. Share a good idea worth sharing with the world. Be as funny as you can because being funny will win you Cleonova gift hamper.

5. The funniest #goodidea posted by 11th June gets Cleonova's HIGH ON LOVE Fun Packet..


1. @cleonova_in Being honest in a relationship is a #goodidea

2. @cleonova_in Engaging in sensual massage with your partner is a #goodidea

3. @cleonova_in Peeing in the washbasin while bathroom is engaged is a eeewwww #goodidea

4. @cleonova_in Having warm water on empty stomach is a #goodidea

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