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The Oh-so-confusing state of the female orgasm

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

Do you know what is it that keeps a man confused for almost a decade and also makes him happy for years? Well, it is something that is not much talked about and also a reason for major problems between couples these days. It’s the Oh-so-confusing FEMALE ORGASM! Let’s first get technical with the term. Female orgasm is the abrupt discharge of sexual excitement due to the built-up sexual response cycle. Orgasm is also known as the sexual climax.

Female Orgasm

     It is found that male orgasms are relatively easier to produce as compared to female orgasms, which are hard to produce as the type of orgasms in females get divided into two parts- the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm, also known as the G-spot orgasm. It is generally seen that stimulation of the clitoris brings about faster and effective orgasm, while sometimes stimulating the vaginal areas having high sensitivity can also lead to an orgasm. Being two ways, it’s always hard to tell. Orgasm is generally the major part of the whole sexual activity which is considered very important as it is the determining factor about the level of satisfaction that a woman gets. It is estimated that a female orgasm lasts for a longer time than male’s orgasm. On an average, it lasts about 20 seconds approximately.

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According to a recent cosmopolitan survey, around 67% of women fake an orgasm! There may be various reasons behind that like they don’t want to disappoint their partners, some expect their partners to know the way of pleasing them, some think it’s gross to ask for an orgasm, while some simply enjoy masturbating on their own(yes, even women masturbate frequently). In olden days, women did not worry much about their satisfaction and merely tried to satisfy their men and please him. However, the current scenario is reversed wherein women have started taking stand for themselves and also open up about the activities or moves that please them. However in case of orgasm, enough awareness has yet not been created and also the scenario has not uplifted to a great extent.

About 78% women think that their partners care about their orgasm, while 72% still think that their partners easily experience orgasm but do not try to make them finish their climax. Many a times, even men neglect their partners satisfaction needs and doze off to sleep as soon as their satisfaction is catered. This becomes a problematic situation for a women and is not less than a trauma! The hunger for satisfaction in women when not fulfilled by their partners, starts searching other options for satisfaction.

    A survey done by The Gossard Big M Survey revealed a shocking fact that revealed 92% of women do masturbating. A study claims that 22% females maturbate daily, 48% masturbate at least once a week and 53% of women use vibrators while masturbating. This ratio is enough to prove that just as men, even women do indulge in masturbation. It is reported that 63% of women orgasm by masturbation. It is seen that some women can orgasm faster or slower than others, which mostly depends on the kind and intensity of stimulation and pleasure received. If the proper kind of stimulation is done, orgasm is hard to control and would come. It is believed that even foreplay, if done the correct way, can help in delivering an orgasm. It also depends on the way the body receives it.

     A major question before men who want to make their partners come is what is the correct way of doing so. There exists no signature way of doing it but if reports are to be believed, the correct foreplay creates a desire and urge to physically and emotionally get involved along which furthermore is accelerated by the stimulation of the clitoris(in most of the cases) or vagina or any sensitive G-spot area. When one gets an idea that his partner is likely to come, increasing the stimulations vigorously in repeated, quick movements may eventually push out the orgasm.

 There are various physical and psychological factors that come into play when a women is not satisfied. There is less love, more fight. There is hostility, indifference, mental discomfort, unhappiness and tension between the couple leading to drastic and long-lasting effects. This also affects the offspring as well. Women mostly are not open about their dissatisfaction issues. This still remains a major cause of concern for a couple to lead a happy married life, because after all the female orgasm is no less than a mystery!

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  • It takes me the longest time to come. that too only by clitoral stimulation. My g spot is defective.

    Nisha Mangalrao on
  • I can almost cry reading this because this is so true and if we try to come upfront about it then we are judged as being desperate.. men need to understand and appreciate female anatomy better and stop treating it as a hole to satisfy their urges..

    Sneha K. on

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