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Connect to the higher one!!

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We think of Cleonova as a dream, as an initiative to enable people. Enable people to explore, to live with freedom, freedom from the social pressures, from their own hypocrisy they have grown used to live with. We want you to explore yourself behind the drapes, the hides of your room walls, but for once be yourself and nothing else. 
Sex has lost its spiritual touch or we would say that we have lost our understand of sexual spirituality. But, we do believe it is a divine emotion and act and if experienced in its purity, it can connect you to the higher one.
So, at Cleonova, we aim at enriching your love life, your sex life by giving you new dimensions to explore yourself and your relationship with your partner. We are many things but amongst all the names you might call us, we are farthest from being perverted kids trying to sell sex. 
We do have a vision. A vision to help! Help people be happy, be satisfied and be good. Because we believe that satisfaction at home can be one of the key drivers that can reduce crime against others outside home. 

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