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10 factors that cause your libido to decrease. Watch out!

Posted by Sejal Waghela on

Some couples often experience low libido at some point of their lives. During such situations, they mostly freak out instead of trying to find the reasons. Below enlisted are the common reasons…

Stress and depression

Did you ever notice that how stress and depression alone invite so many diseases? Not only this, they are a major cause for lower libido. Stress, which releases cortisol, can sometimes block the actions of the hormones that support sexuality which lowers your sexual desires

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Low testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone that helps in producing sperms inside the testes. Out of the many factors, that lower your libido, improper testosterone levels is one of them. Lately, testosterone replacement therapy has been much talked about as a solution for it, but is yet not proved to be a surely helpful solution.


It is true that our diet plays an important role on our body overall, but it’s also true that improper eating habits decrease your libido. After all, what did good did you expect from all the junk and fats? Healthy food with more fiber and proteins can help in your sexual well-being.


Having a chronic disease or a disease that has got you for a long time now? Your body uses all of its time and efforts only to overcome the disease. There’s also a lot of work that your immune system has to do. This will make you weak and leave you with low libido.


Weight management has always been emphasized right from the beginning. Heavy weight results difficulty in performing sex. Difficult, heavy and clumsy sex is definitely something that no one would want to have. Because of weight issues, you might start feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Moreover obesity increases lack of sexual power and proper performance.

Erectile dysfunction

Weight issues often lead to ED which creates problems in erection of the penis and also shatters your sex life in a lot of ways. You start getting annoyed and no more want to have sex…

Alcohol and smoking

People who were involved in smoking and drinking reported loss of interest in sex. They once were sexually active but over the time, complained about not being able to have sex because they didn’t feel like. These two factors are major sex killers.


Yes, it is indeed true that your libido decreases with age as well. Your sexual desires and activities are at the peak during your late 20s and 30s. The length and size of the penis reduces slightly over time, often due to fat deposition in the arteries in the penis. This creates difficulty in having sex and lowers your libido.


The female system is a real complex one. It is believed that ovulation enhances your sex drive, thereby increasing it. Contraceptives stop the process of ovulation, due to which there is a hormonal imbalance leading due low libido


Females, during menopause, experience a lot of physical and mental changes. Very little or no desire for sex is more common during these phases.

So if you’re experiencing low libido, you now know what all is to be blamed!

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